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Roblox Doors

About Roblox Doors

Roblox Doors is a horror game with scary creatures in a dark deserted hotel. At this time, you must not panic and find the door leading out quickly.

Roblox Doors immerses players in a massive hotel, forcing them to must open a series of doors to find the way out. While the mansion is spooky enough, each of these doors has something horrible behind it. Players must keep attempting to discover the correct door to find their way to safety and knobs and revives can help. The scariest thing in the game is the dangerous monsters, you avoid them quickly or they will be dangerous to your life. The game also offers several modest bonuses that players can purchase with in-game cash, such as vitamins that improve health, speed enhancements, and a lamp to aid see in dark locations. You may obtain this cash by searching through drawers in each area. See whether you have what it takes to solve puzzles while being pursued by horrific terror. Players that join the main experience can play with up to three other people during their runs. Follow the entire tutorial step by step to reaping the benefits of these freebies as soon as feasible.

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How to play

When walking, use the ASWD keys to move. Use the spacebar to leap. Once you've discovered the correct door, press and hold the E key. To change the items, press 1-5. It is very vital to understand that the C key is used to crouch to avoid enemies.


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