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Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall


About Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall

The gameplay

Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall is an incredible running game created by Imangi. Take the ancient idol far away and run to escape from Demon Monkey King.

In this game, you play as a treasure hunter who is trying to rob an ancient idol in the ancient temple. Your goal is to take the ancient idol far far away from the temple. Try to run as fast as possible to escape from Demon Monkey King that is the guard of the temple. Watch out! The jungle is full of deadly obstacles and traps such as cannibal flowers, Demon Croc, giant leaps, giant tree branches and so on. If you unexpectedly bump into them, the game is over. Therefore, you need to control your character to jump, slide or move left or right to avoid them. Don't forget to collect some boosters such as Shield Duration, Coin Magnet, and Boost Distance along the way. Attempt to collect as many gems as possible to upgrade the boosters.

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How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to slide, jump and move left or right

More exciting information about Temple Run 2: Jungle Fall

Available power-ups

This game offers 5 power-ups which assist you a lot as the game progresses. You can get them in two ways. The first way is to collect them along the way. Another way is to collect as many gems as possible to fulfil the power bar at the top left of the screen. When this bar glows green, press the spacebar to activate the power-up. Keep in mind that the effects of the power-ups will disappear after a limited time. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade them. Use the coins to upgrade them to extend the duration. Here's the list of power-ups in the game and how they work.

  • Shield: If you get a shield, it will protect you from obstacles, except for falling. Moreover, if you hit an obstacle, its effect disappears but you still survive.
  • Coin Bonus: You will claim an instant 50 coin bonus after grabbing this power-up.
  • Boost: This power-up will speed up your running speed. However, if you crash into an obstacle, it will lose effect.
  • Score Bonus: It offers you an instant 500-point bonus
  • Coin Magnet: If you want to gain more gems, use this power-up. It will help you to attract all nearby gems.

Daily and weekly challenges

The game features many daily and weekly challenges. You should log in it every day to complete them and claim extra

Daily Challenges:

  • Day 1: The reward is 250 gems
  • Day 2: The reward is 500 gems
  • Day 3: The reward is 750 gems
  • Day 4: The reward is 1000 gems
  • Day 5: The reward is 1000, 2000 or 3000 gems

Weekly Challenges: There are 3 weekly challenges that you're expected to finish. Each challenge has a different reward. The first challenge will award 1000 coins. You will get 5000 coins if you complete the second one. The reward of the final one is 10 gems

How to play



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