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Apple Worm


About Apple Worm

Apple Worm is an entertaining game that is loved by many people. To pass each level, you need to control the worm to eat the apple and grow up through the gate.

This interesting game will make the girls less afraid of the depths. An adorable green apple worm will be your on-screen companion as you play the game. That cute worm is so pitiful. It was trapped in a maze that was too small to escape on its own. It needs your help and control. So how to help it grow and develop? Do you see those juicy red apples? It is a source of nutritious food to help our worms grow in length. Once the worm is long enough, the caterpillar can stretch itself out and escape. The game has 30 levels equivalent to 30 puzzles that you need to solve. Think and calculate the route carefully before moving. Avoid the dangers around you and especially move very carefully so as not to fall. Just like that, moving to the apple is long enough to reach the destination door and go to the next screen. Pretty simple right? With such simple gameplay, Apple Worm is suitable for all ages. It not only relaxes but also trains the brain and improves logical thinking. Trust me, you're sure to love this cute worm's sleepy expression and a blank face.

This game is playable on both PC and mobile devices, which is similar to Riot Escape, Sonic exe, Football Legends, and Downhill Ski.

How to play

To play and move the worm you will use the ASDW keys and the arrow keys.


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