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Death Run 3D


About Death Run 3D

Death Run 3D is an exciting adventure game in a small dark cellar. Run and overcome all dangerous obstacles, see how far you can run.

If you like thrills, this game will give you the thrill of a heart-pounding chase in a small cellar. Run quickly to avoid confrontations with unexpected obstacles. Your jogging pace may be growing rather than decreasing, but the problems you must conquer are also increasing. Furthermore, they will suddenly appear and wait for you to react and go ahead and you will lose the game. In such a little cellar, all you have to do to get out is run as quickly and as far as you can, increasing your ranking score. Run as far as you can to reach the top of the scoreboard. The leaderboard is further divided into time, day, week, and month sections. Let us put forth the effort to overcome our opponents and attain the top.

This game will have four racing levels equivalent to four different race tracks. You can have a good time honing your reflexes in interesting ways.

  • Maelstrom: the simplest mode, with the fewest obstacles and the slowest pace. It is very suitable for new players
  • Superluminal: on this track, there will be several moving square obstacles.
  • Hyper Maelstrom: a race featuring several obstacles and a fast pace. Once you get used to the speed, you should try this mode.
  • Hyper Superluminal: when you've mastered the game, try this track to put your skills to the test against the hardest levels.

How to play

Use your mouse and keyboard arrow buttons to move your blocky character. To make it simpler, you can use the AWSD keys and if you play on your phone you just need to swipe on the screen.


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