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Stack Builder Skyscraper


About Stack Builder Skyscraper

Start building skyscrapers with Stack Builder Skyscraper using available materials. Arrange them to have a solid structure if the building falls you will lose.

Building skyscrapers

Now you can build your very own skyscrapers for free with Stack Builder Skyscraper. Use construction cranes and arrange each floor into your building. The swinging cranes with floors have distinct designs. Watch the floors drop one by one to create a solid structure. If you build too much, the building will wobble and you will lose.

Game Control

Use the mouse clicks to order each floor of your house. On each floor you go up, you get a bonus. The higher you go, the more obstacles you have, but try to build the houses as high as possible. Pay attention to waiting for the crane to come close to the old floor, you must click it, otherwise, you will place the house on the wrong side. A structure that is not straight and certain will cause the house to collapse faster and you will lose. If you want to try other construction games then play Babel Tower, and FoxyLand 2.


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