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Mad Scientist Run


About Mad Scientist Run

Your dream of being a hero scientist is now a reality with Mad Scientist Run. In this shooting game, you play as a scientist and rescue the city from aliens.

One day, the city began to appear with ferocious monsters and aliens. They come and wreak havoc everywhere. There was death and gloom all around. There is one person who can save all the cities. That is a mad scientist with many poisons. You are the chosen one, so play and play as that scientist, destroy all the bad guys, and make everything back to the way it was.

The Way to Defend the City

You pick up the gun containing the poison that can kill the bad guys of the scientist and start going out into the street to fight. You will see on the screen there are two big round buttons that are Jump and gun. You will click or manually press those two buttons so that the scientist can jump and shoot in succession. Every time you kill an alien in Mad Scientist Run, you will get money. Along the way, you will also earn money. Kill many opponents, the more money the better you will have higher and higher rankings. You should also watch out for landmines and traps along the enemy's path. If you collide right, you will lose a life. If you pay attention, on the left corner of the screen there are three heart shapes representing your three lives. At the end of all lives, you lose the game. Just try to boldly move forward, take the gun and shoot to become a hero of the city.


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