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The Great Ghoul Duel


About The Great Ghoul Duel

Transform into a ghost in The Great Ghoul Duel to collect as many souls as you can for your territory. The more souls you will win, but beware of opponents.

In a gloomy and dark house, there are two teams of ghosts divided into two factions according to color. You will be randomly assigned to the team. The task of each team will be to collect more souls in that house and bring it back to your base. Go to every nook and cranny and find as many as you can. The team with the most wins will advance to the next round. But not as simple as that, you will encounter a lot of difficulties that will hinder you and your team's path to victory.

Difficulties and Ways to Win

Right from the start the dark place will be an advantage because you are a ghost. But in reality, it will be more difficult for you to observe the opponent. Moreover, the turns and turns are also hidden, making them more difficult to control. When you go to collect ghosts, larger ghosts will stab you and take away the ghosts you collect. Of course, you can do the same with your opponent. So, try to let yourself grow up fast, and move with the ASDW keys to collect ghosts quickly. Join teams and become the strongest ghost in no time.


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