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Bitlife Life Simulator


About Bitlife Life Simulator

Bitlife Life Simulator is an entertaining game suitable for children. It simulates each person's life, you should choose the right action and enjoy life.

As you have seen, this game will simulate life and make you choose between everyday decisions that little by little have a huge impact on your life. Before you pass away, would you make an effort to live a perfect life by always choosing the correct path? You may find the love of your life, get married, have a family, and get experience in a respectable career and educational setting. You will have a warm home and a happy family that always greets you when you come home from work. You have to make the right decisions if you want to maintain a high level of happiness and health. Those are the things that only happen when you go to school, raise your IQ, work hard, and know how to do business. However, you can also choose to live a leisurely life. Go out, gamble, join riot groups, live loose, or do drugs and bury your life in prison. A life of crime is something you may fall into. The point-and-click game BitLife Life Simulator offers a wide variety of options. As you age and engage in the typical daily activities and events in this game, your character evolves based on your decisions. Be a model citizen or live in prison, it's all up to you.

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How to play

Click and make decisions.


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