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Avatar Game


About Avatar Game

In the Avatar Game, you will play Jake Sully and explore the magical land of Pandora. You also will face the dangers of the Na'vi and overcome them to win.

Surely every fan of the movie Avatar is very interested in the magical land of Pandora, right? There are mysterious animals, waterfalls, and sparkling forests. And when it comes to this land, it is impossible not to mention the tall green Na'vi people and many flying skills in the air. Do you like that place and want to go there and explore it? Play now Avatar Game to become Jake Sully and explore this land. There will be many dangers waiting for you. Sharp spikes abound on your way, pay close attention, pass, and reach the finish line.

Levels in Avatar Game and The Way of Passing

This vast Pandora land contains many dangers. For players to fully experience, Avatar Game will have three levels of increasing danger. Let's see how to control to overcome them.

Three levels in Avatar Game

When you first start playing, you will be playing the easiest level of Stereo Madness. In this level is simply a normal race in the jungle of the Na'vi. Run and overcome all obstacles to the finish line and you will win. Next is Back On Track, in this level you will race against the jumping pads in Pandora Bay. This race will be more difficult than before. Once you get used to the speed then try this level now. Finally, Polargeist is also the hardest mode. In this level, you will participate in a race with jump rings in the forest of souls. This is a tough race that requires a lot of experience as well as quick reflexes. Let's overcome countless challenges and earn lots of points to climb the leaderboard.

Control the character to Overcome Danger

In Avatar Game, you will control a green person or a battleship. Use the mouse and control them to avoid obstacles on the way skillfully. Besides, you can use jump pads or jump rings to jump higher in the air. Those are items that help you overcome dangers easily. Mostly it's still quick reflexes that can help you win. Keep trying and I believe you will pass all the levels. Play now and share the victory with your friends.


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