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Boxing Random


About Boxing Random

If you are passionate about boxing and want a two-player game with an authentic feel to win between real opponents then Boxing Random is the best game.

The mission of the game

In all competitions, your task is also to win. You and your random opponent will be anyone in the world competing against each other. Make a series of moves and whoever scores 5 points the fastest wins.

The difficulty of the game

Your characters are quite fragile and very difficult to stand, so controlling is also a problem. Your boxer guy falls very often and the game does not bring the heaviness of a bloody boxing match but adds a sense of fun and light entertainment.

Every time you win with 5 points, you pass the game, but at the next level, the scenery changes, and the opponent changes. Everything about the competition is renewed and you will have to get used to it from the beginning. There will be times when you meet a strong opponent and fortunately meet a very weak opponent.

Boxing Random Guide

Like other two-player two-player games such as Rope Rescue Puzzle and Impostor Sky Ski, you can also play alone against the AI or with friends and random opponents. Boxing is a sport that needs precision and agility, so use your mouse and control your characters carefully.


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