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About Mergis

Take on puzzle challenges with blocks in Mergis. Think strategically so that blocks of the same color fall on top of each other to create higher-value tiles.

You will participate in an arrangement of colorful blocks in Mergis. There will be vertical columns on the screen for you to arrange. Each color bar is assigned a value, from 1 to 10 according to the color. Blocks of the same color will merge and produce higher values. Notice one thing, you can only merge vertically, not diagonally or horizontally.

Your Mission in Mergis

While playing the game, try to solve puzzles, and figure out how to merge blocks of the same color. There will be four vertical rows for you to arrange the cells. Just click on any row, and the blocks will automatically fall down there. The same color when merged will produce blocks of different colors with larger numbers. For example, when you merge two gold blocks worth two you will get a green block worth three. The more you merge, the more points you get. More importantly, it will reduce the tiles in your playing board. If the blocks fall all over the board, you lose. There will be two blocks of colors that are about to fall first for you to calculate. Try your quick thinking and calculation skills.


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