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Horror Nights Story


About Horror Nights Story

Horror Nights Story is an exciting adventure game in a small cellar. In five days, find the fastest way and escape from the scary monsters.

It's sad that your adventurous nature has landed you five days in a creepy tunnel. There are spooky animals around, such as bats, ghosts, and other things. If you let them capture you, they'll eat you alive, and you'll lose to those monsters. You need to get out of the dark cellar without bumping into them. In a dark space full of musty smells, these are indeed difficult challenges. For the next five days, you'll have axes, one more bomb every night, and occasionally more oxygen generators to keep yourself alive. You have to hurry to the exit at the end of the tunnel to prevent getting eaten alive. You never know when they'll ambush you by sneaking up on you. Carve a narrow passageway through the surrounding terrain so you may kill adversaries, detonate bombs, and escape. The tunnels must be properly investigated before digging if you don't want to become a feast for the monsters. Only one bomb is given to you each night, so you must use it carefully.

How to play

Use the mouse or arrow keys to navigate and dig carefully to avoid disturbing the monsters. There are also icons in the game to help you find your way out faster and more accurately, keep an eye out.


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