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Flappy Bird


About Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a classic control game that everyone must have heard of. In the game, you will control a bird to overcome the chimney at different heights.

Control Bird

In Flappy Bird, you will have to control a cute little yellow bird through the openings of the green chimney. But don't think it's that simple. These pipes have different heights, so they will create different gaps. There are high places and small places that are difficult to fly over. You will certainly have a situation where you have just gone to the top and have to fly to the lowest place quickly. Because if you don't, the bird will get hit in the poles, die and you lose the game.

How to play

To help the bird fly, you just need to click the mouse. The faster you click, the higher the bird flies. Pay attention to the next space you need to pass between the columns to adjust the flight altitude appropriately. That means that if you click slowly, the bird will fall. But remember not to let the bird fall too close to the ground and then click the mouse, the bird will fall to the ground and you also lose. Every time you fly over the chimney columns, you will get points and move speed faster, please control it well. For those who find Flappy Bird too difficult, you can try our other games like Impostor Sky Ski and Line Rider.


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