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Electron Dash


About Electron Dash

Game rule

Electron Dash is a stunning game featuring awesome 3D graphics. Play as an astronaut, you have to run as far as possible in the endless space tunnel.

If you are looking for a thrilling running game like Tunnel Rush, this game is a perfect fit for you as it will bring you a feeling of an adrenaline rush. In this game, you have to control the running man to run in the endless tube. The further you can run, the more points you can gain, Try your best to run as far as possible to achieve the highest possible. Be wary of unstable tiles, giant leaps and laser beams. You will lose if you unexpectedly crash into the laser beams or fall into giant leaps. Therefore, try your best to evade them.

Besides, you can see some hearts in the tunnel. They are critical since they help you to respawn right after you fail. For that reason, you should try to collect as many hearts as possible.

Play this game now to become an astronaut and explore the space tunnel. Featuring excellent 3D graphics and energetic music, this game will boost your mood when you play it. You can play this game on full screen to have the best playing experience. Invite your friends and relatives to play it together and have fun.

How to control

  • Press A-D keys or LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS to run
  • Press SPACEBAR or UP ARROW KEY to jump

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by MarketJS. It can be played in the web browser. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices.

4 Pro strategies to beat Electron Dash

Try to avoid unstable tiles if you can

You can see many crumbling tiles in the tunnel. They will start falling right after you step on them. Therefore, you need to move left or right if you can. If you step on them already, you should run as fast as possible or jump before they collapse.

Just jump when necessary

The tunnel has many insurmountable leaps. To overcome them, you have to jump as far as possible. However, sometimes, you can't land on the next platform safely as this leap is too large. For that reason, you had better find the interconnected tiles and them. This will help to minimize the risk of falling and helps you survive longer.

Collect as many hearts as possible

The hearts lie around and are scattered in the tunnel. They are able to help you revive right after you fail. Therefore, they are extremely essential. If you see them, attempt to pick up them at all costs.

Plan your moves while jumping

While jumping from one platform to another one, you don't need to dodge any obstacles and your speed is slower. Additionally, from a high position, you can observe everything clearly. In spite of a few seconds, it is a good time for you to plan your moves in advance. You need to find quickly your landing spot and plan to evade the upcoming obstacles.


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