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Little Alchemy 2


About Little Alchemy 2

Join the crafting process with Little Alchemy 2 and with the four available elements earth, water, air, and fire you will be free to invent new items.

Is being a messy alchemist with vials of the solution, and lab supplies around, your dream? Coming to Little Alchemy 2 and Happy Glass, you will be satisfied with your creative mixing passion.


Participating in this game, the crafting element items are something that everyone needs and are divided into three types. At the start, you will have the four basic elements earth, water, air, and fire at your disposal. Gradually, through the levels, to the more difficult levels you will receive the next valuable items, it is called unlockable items. And finally, the item found only in the encyclopedia.

How to play

Once you have the items, use your mouse to click and drag the items on top of each other to create new items. Your progress and inventions will always be in the encyclopedia so you won't be afraid to lose them. After each creation is done and you feel messy, use the delete button in the top corner to clean up.

Tips: you can use the encyclopedia to concoct novel products and track your progress. If you are wondering how to mix to get the right ratio, click on the suggestion button or join the fandom community to listen to everyone's sharing. We always want players to be as creative as possible, so when you come up with something new and unique, it's sure to bring excitement and resounding success.


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