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Getting Over It


About Getting Over It

Getting Over It is an adventurous climbing game. In particular, you have to climb the mountain with a hammer and join these adventurous challenges right away.

In a platformer, the player-controlled character must jump and climb over suspended platforms while avoiding obstacles. The setting generally contains rough terrain of varied heights and players must navigate them. To prevent their character from falling to their death or failing to make necessary jumps, players typically have some control over the height and distance of the jump. The game can also incorporate other acrobatic moves, such as swinging from things such as vines or grappling hooks or jumping from a skateboard or trampoline, etc. Playing the role of a cat in a plant pot, you climb enormous fruits and various brightly colored blocks. Carefully leverage yourself over troublesome areas using the hammer.

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How to play

To move and climb the mountain with the hammer, move and drag the mouse.


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