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Doodle Champion Island Games


About Doodle Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games is a game for you to try to compete with many professional opponents with Lucky cat in the sports festival at Doodle island.

Inspired by the Tokyo Olympics and we can also join this fun online journey with Doodle Champion Island Games. The user controls Lucky in an overworld full of minigames. The athlete Lucky takes a small boat to the island. Only to compete against the top athletes in the world. The game, filled with mythical creatures, puts you through a series of sports activities. Lucky participates in one of the Island's seven sports as part of the minigames. Each minigame has its own set of controls and objectives. Depending on how well a player does in a minigame, Lucky receives a Sacred Scroll and becomes the winner of the championship. In addition, there are various side tasks to do. The player may also come across animated cutscenes in the style of anime. Everything has a delicate touch to it: the color scheme, the music, the forms and shapes, and so on. On the island, you'll initially encounter four mascots. They each symbolize a different team and are colored differently - blue, red, yellow, and green. Join one based on their ideals. For example, one team values knowledge, another cunning, and so on. Alternatively, select a color because you like it. After you've selected your choice, you'll be given a task to complete. For example, find and beat a Legendary Champion. Your scores help the squad and bring it closer to victory. Thrilling, with plenty to discover and a dash of humor. This game will leave you speechless with its fantastic locales, witty conversations, and anime animation.

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How to play

Use the arrow keys and ASWD to start the journey to participate in competitions.


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