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Ships 3D


About Ships 3D

Play Ships 3D to join the battles on the ocean. In the chaos of the sea, you and your teammates will be on a boat, firing artillery and fighting enemies.

You play as a boatman and meet evil pirates. What you will do? Can't be caught and harmed by those bad guys. Be quick with your teammates to steer straight forward, stab them and destroy them. Your ship also has huge cannons. Command, aim and shoot cannons at the opposing team quickly to be able to win.

How to Drive Ship and Shoot Cannons

On the sea, there are always chaotic battles in Ships 3D. You have played a sailor guy, and you always have to face it. Instead of panicking you should learn to observe the location by moving the mouse and the map. If you encounter obstacles and the opponent wants to dodge, press the familiar ASDW keys. Especially the F key to control with the rudder, sail, and cannon to destroy opponents. A tip for you is to observe the flag to determine the direction of the wind, take advantage of it and have a higher chance of winning. This game requires close cooperation and coordination of teammates. If you like, create a room and send a code to play with your friends. Wish you win and become someone no one can beat at sea.


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