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Tunnel Rush


About Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is an intriguing running game. Your mission is to overcome many dangerous obstacles in an eye-catching tunnel to get the highest score.


In this game, your objective is to run as far as possible in the endless tunnel. Watch out! The tunnel is full of dangerous obstacles. They appear unpredictably and rotate continuously in the tunnel. The game is over if you crash into them. Therefore, you must click the "A-D" keys to rotate the tunnel clockwise or anti-clockwise to avoid hazards. Keep in mind that the further you can go, the more obstacles you have to overcome. In addition, your speed will increase gradually. So, you need to keep your attention closer to the screen and use your fast fingers and reflect to survive as long as possible.

If you want to know how far you have gone, look at 2 parameters on the top screen. They are distance and speed parameters.

  • The distance parameter will allow you to know how far you go from the starting point. Pay attention to this statistic because it is your achievement after each level. The distance is measured in meters.
  • The speed element will show you how fast you are running. You will not run at the same speed. It depends on each road. The unit for this parameter is m/s.

If you can not see these parameters because of concentrating on playing the game, you can wait until the game ends. After finishing, you can check your travelled distance and the most dramatic record from the previous rounds.

Besides, there is a Pause button on the top middle screen. It allows you to pause the game if you are busy and need to go immediately. It will help you to save your progress temporarily. However, you need to keep your computer active while pausing the game.

Dangerous threats in the tunnel

This game features 3 kinds of dangerous obstacles of different shapes. All of them rotate constantly in the tunnel and their position is unpredictable. Therefore, you have to always get ready to face upcoming obstacles. Here's a list of threats ahead in the tunnel:

  • Rectangular Bar: This obstacle rotates constantly and lies in the middle of the tunnel. You must rotate the tunnel quickly to avoid it.
  • Triangle Cube. It looks like red spikes in the tunnel and often appears during the game.
  • Semi-circular Platform: This platform covers half of the tunnel. It is challenging for you to evade it.

Some useful tips to go further

  • Plan your move as soon as you see the obstacle at a long distance: The obstacles will appear in your field of vision before 3s. Although it is just a little time, it is enough for you to consider your next move to avoid the upcoming obstacles. As soon as you see them, you need to predict their rotating direction and then rotate the tunnel against their direction.
  • Reflect quickly as you have to face constant obstacles: Note that the further you can go, the more obstacles you have to face. Therefore, you need to reflect quickly and use your fast fingers to evade all obstacles in the tunnel.
  • Don't rotate the tunnel constantly: If you rotate the tunnel constantly, it is difficult for you to react to upcoming obstacles. So, you just need to rotate the tunnel when necessary.

How to control

Use AD keys or right and left arrow keys to control the ball.

More facts about Tunnel Rush

First-person perspective

This game features a first-person perspective. It allows you to become the main character and gives a clear view of the scenery in front of you. This perspective gives you the most realistic and immersive playing experience while running in the tunnel.

Endless tunnel and fast speed

The tunnel in this game has no finish line. In addition, the speed will increase gradually. This will bring you the feeling of an adrenaline rush while you're running in the tunnel. Therefore, the game is a perfect fit for thrill-seekers who are big fans of fast-paced games and obsessed with speed.

Awesome 3D visuals and lively music tune

The other appealing features of the game are stunning 3D visuals and lively music tunes. The colour of the tunnel change constantly. Moreover, the music is energetic, which helps to boost your mood as the game progresses. It will certainly bring you excitement while playing


Tunnel Rush was created by Deer Cat Games which is a British studio. The studio has been active since 2016. It is possible to say that this game is one of their most successful game as it has been downloaded 20 million times and attracted millions of players over the world.


This game is available in the web browser. You can play it unblocked on both PC and mobile devices.


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