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Trap The Cat


About Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat is a puzzle game that you should try. You think about how to trap the cat and must block around them so that they cannot escape.

There is a naughty cat that has come and messed up your place. Annoyed yourself? So let's find a way to trap it right away. You will have to calculate the path to set the trap for this cat. You must place traps around the fence so that the cat cannot escape. But it's not that simple for this smart cat. Every time you set a trap, it will recognize your intentions and run around immediately. Don't focus on the cat, instead, pay attention to the level, note the easiest routes, and consider your options carefully. Focus your efforts on locations that are farther away rather than blocking off nearby ones. That will distract the cat and block the cat's forward path as it goes further. The game is won when the cat is immobile after you've covered the final points, to do this, you must trap it inside your console. If you fail to capture the cat, the game will continue. But if you don't catch the cat, you will be very angry when they trick you.

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How to play

Click to place cat traps in the boxes you want.


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