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Mini Swim


About Mini Swim

When playing Mini Swim you will be free to search for treasure in the ocean. Of course, when playing you have to face dangerous enemies and opponents to win.

In the game, you will be playing the role of a water bubble boy immersed in the vast ocean. Help him adapt to the aquatic environment and start collecting treasures in the ocean. It's shiny coins. Others want it too. Be careful. You can guide him over all the obstacles and traps, assisting him in reaching his target.

Interesting things in Mini Swim

You are a bubble in the water so the ability to like when underwater will be great. You are unaffected by water and can swim freely. Use your weightlessness to stay on top of the caverns and avoid the oncoming jellyfish. And yet, you will also have to face countless enemies who also want to harm you and rob the treasure. Check the enemy's path, plan your way safely, and even avoid sharp spikes and dangerous traps.

Mini Swim Guide

Use the arrow keys to move the ball up and down in the water and earn lots of coins. As you play, explore more underwater caves with amazing colors and sounds. A beautiful undersea horizon but also full of traps awaits you. Try to overcome and take on new challenges in Mini Swim and some other fun games like Smart Looter, or Subway Surfers.


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