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Speed Box


About Speed Box

Speed Box is a speed game that will make you addicted. Run fast in a 3D space, master the speed, avoid obstacles, and collect items. Pass the level and win.

In the speed box, you will enjoy heart-pounding moments. Try to imagine that in a closed 3D box, the ball rolls very quickly. Many colors confuse the eye and encounter obstacles. You will have a unique experience. The game has two levels, and two experiences for you, you will feel what is most realistic, but the scene is dizzy to avoid obstacles and the feeling of being in an enclosed space.

Your mission

In the game, there are 2 levels for you to choose from: classic and infinity. The gameplay is all the same. You will be a small box, moving in a big box in 3D space. so as not to touch the obstacles. Eat gold, and diamonds to win. Because it is a 3D space and it runs very fast, it will be difficult for you to control your little box. Move up the wall, under the obstacles, anywhere you want to eat everything you need and avoid obstacles. Just like other games, through each level, the difficulty of the game is also increasing. At first, the box will move normally, it will be faster and faster and many obstacles will make you unable to keep up.


  • Very attractive to players with sounds and colors
  • A fast entertainment game to relieve stress
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Quick reflexes

Tips: you should really focus on the screen because the ball runs very fast, avoid entanglements and obstacles, pay attention to collect more items and you will become the winner.

The tasks you have to do and the gameplay are simple and fun, but once you've played it, it's very addictive and attractive. Let's try the emotional levels of speed bring.

How to play

You just need to use the mouse and move the small box around to avoid obstacles and get items.


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