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Ball Runner


About Ball Runner

Ball Runner is a game that will captivate you from the very beginning. Ball run, get gold coins, avoid purple objects, pass all the way and become the winner.

Your mission:

A long way, when you press to start the ball will run immediately. The ball runs very fast, rolls very fast, and can't be stopped. Your task is to control the ball to the destination. Along the way, you have to get a lot of gold coins. But it's really not easy, because the ball rolls very quickly, and on the road, there are many obstacles like purple bars. When the ball rolls into it and gets blocked by those bars, you lose.

These are tough roads that are very difficult to reach the destination. In addition, the farther the ball goes, the faster the ball runs, adding more and more obstacles. At first, you will find it easy because you see a lot of gold and diamonds, the road is flat, and very few purple bars along the way but that will be the opposite when you get to high levels. Use gold and diamond savings to exchange for gifts.

The ball is running faster and faster, and the road is also more zigzag and especially more obstacles, which are the things that make it easy to lose. Must control the ball, must avoid obstacles. you have to be fast.

Feature of ball runner:

  • High level of entertainment
  • Many eye-catching colors
  • Practice reflexes and agility


You need to pay attention to the obstacles to move to avoid getting in the way. When moving to other roads, hold the mouse to keep the ball from falling. The ball runs very fast so you also need to be quick to keep an eye on the ball.

Let's play and conquer every road and challenge. Try to see if your reflexes are fast.

How to play

Use the mouse to move the ball left to right to avoid obstacles. Earn high scores and be the winner.


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