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Bowman 2


About Bowman 2

Join Bowman 2 to control the stickman while shooting a bow. In the game, your mission is to shoot your opponent down with the bow and arrows.

When playing Bowman 2, you have participated in thrilling archery. You and your opponent are both little stick people. Both stood very far from each other. The goal is to shoot the enemy with a bow. To do this you must really have a great archery skills. You need to adjust the shot force and angle to hit the opponent. In addition to increasing the dramatic part, retaining walls, wind, etc will all be there to block and affect the direction of the arrow. Have you found it attractive and want to play right away?

How to control

To be able to shoot the arrow, use the mouse to create the angle and force of the shot. When you see a fit, you will release the mouse. The arrow will shoot itself, but it is unlikely to hit the opponent immediately. But that's okay, from the missed you can, correct the wrong parameters and hit the next time.

Modes in Bowman 2

In Bowman 2 there are some highly challenging modes for every player. Let's find out:

  • Practice mode: This is probably the mode for new players. You will be familiar with the angle and power of the bow. Your goal will only be the target, not afraid of being defeated by the opponent.
  • Vs Human mode: with this mode, you will be competing against random people. Shoot them in quick succession before they can shoot you.
  • Vs Computer mode: in game mode with pre-programmed CPU computer. Your opponent in this mode is very smart. Pay careful attention.
  • Bird Hunting: This is a mode that gives you a completely different experience than the previous modes. The bird is a constantly flying target. It requires you to have extremely high skills. Let's see how many birds you can shoot in the sky.


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