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Breaking the Bank


About Breaking the Bank

Are you ready to join a bank robbery mission? Play Breaking the Bank and find the best option to successfully steal money without going to jail.

Breaking the Bank is set in a desolate desert. It's strange that in such harsh places, there is a bank. Our stickman was also there and in time saw the policemen putting money in bags and taking it away. Greed emerges, he wants that money and becomes rich. But the problem of bank robbery is not easy and fraught with danger. He had a lot of ideas and ways to rob in his mind. Help him choose a way for him to steal the safe money without getting caught.

Action idea stealing money

Our stick guy is a smart guy, just standing in front of the bank, he has already come up with countless ideas to steal. For example, a bag shape, a bomb shape, etc. Each image that appears will be a different way of stealing. Breaking the Bank will help you put those ideas into action. You just need to click on the bag image, for example. It will show the action of the stickman getting into the bag of money and being taken by the police to the storage room. But with cameras and warning sirens, the police found them and went to jail. You need to think carefully before your actions. Choose an appropriate one and see if it completes the task.


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