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Castle Keeper


About Castle Keeper

Castle Keeper is a dramatic war game. You are alone to fight the enemy and defend the castle, you win and your feats will be recorded in history.

You will play as a soldier defending the castle alone against waves of enemies. With your super marksmanship, shoot any opponent and prevent them from reaching the castle. When the number of enemies increases, use gold coins to upgrade your old guns to destroy them in the most powerful way. Or you can buy more weapons and tools to destroy the ladders of enemies trying to climb. In addition, the most optimal option is the fire barrels, when you throw them down, they will create terrible destructive power.

Your main objective is to defend the castle. If you succeed, you will be transferred to another castle with larger, stronger enemy troops and definitely harder to die. At each level, your task will be more difficult but by itself will help you to develop more. You gain more skills and have exciting adventures. You will be remembered as a hero for destroying all the armies and successfully defending a stronghold. with the game's 3D Graphics and realistic sound effects created in a wonderful way to give you the feeling that you are on the real battlefield.

How to play

Control the character by moving the mouse, letting the character stand right next to the castle gate, and aim and aim carefully. Then left click to open fire, you have destroyed the enemy.


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