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City Minibus Drive


About City Minibus Drive

Transform into a minibus driver in City Minibus Drive. The game requests you to use your professional skills to control the minibus, and complete your tasks.

There are three attractive game modes in this game. With Career mode, you have to pick up passengers at the right bus stop and on time. The timer will count down your remaining time. Drive fast and safely to get a bonus. In Race mode, you will compete with another one on the road. Both of you will control the minibus on the same device. Try to become the first to reach the finish line. Do not struggle unless you will waste a lot of time. As a result, you cannot complete the task. The final mode is the most simple task. You drive around the city without meeting any requirements.

You must try to earn money. They can boost your minibus or change to another luxurious minibus. In addition, if you love driving games, you can also select Tunnel Rush, Drive Mad, and Road Crash.

How to control


WASD to move.

B to look back.

R to fix the bus's position.

SPACE to handbrake.

C to rotate the camera.


The arrow keys to move.

B to look back.

O to fix the bus's position.

RIGHT-SHIFT to handbrake.


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