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Color Galaxy


About Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a fun coloring game. You choose your own color and expand your territory. As the one who survives to the end, you will be the winner.

In the game, you will be a character with a small car with the color of your choice, your initial land is just small dots. You control going around to expand, go around and the car forms a closed circle. So you have created the land with your own color.

The special thing is that you will have more opponents. Opponents just like you, also go around stretching the land like this. Get rid of them by stabbing them in the tail, but only until they have formed a closed circle. But be careful, the opponents will do the same to you and you will die.

What you need to do is create large circles, and expand your land as big as possible. Eliminate the opponents and become the last survivor and you will win.

Tips: Pay attention to your color and your opponent's. If they get close to you, quickly create a closed circle, and then attack.

How to play

You use the mouse and move your character or you can use the A/D or arrow buttons if playing on the computer. If you play on your phone, you just need to slide your finger in the direction you want to go and you can create a drawing line to create your own land.


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