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Cookie Clicker City


About Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is a unique candy game for city buildings. You will accumulate confectionery, together with the residents to build this city.

You will be the ruler of this whole city, first, you will have a small piece of land, and you will build them to grow with candy. You create the cake, which is the common currency of the whole city. You will exchange cakes for the first inhabitants, and they will also participate in creating cakes with you to develop the city. Or you can use those cakes to get more tools, exchange them and the speed of the cake is also faster.

You just need to create cakes and buy more for the city who are people, that is the residents. Next will buy a house, buy plants, pets, etc. Everyone will join you to create a cake, and develop this city. You are the one who created it from the beginning and everyone developed it together in a city with modern science and technology. It's a childlike sense of accomplishment, your city has grown magically.

For the city to grow, you need a maximum of 18 buildings, which will help the production rate of the city reach the highest efficiency. Your city has 600 things waiting for you to upgrade and unlock and there are 700 achievements waiting for you to claim for your city. You often buy a lot of residents, buildings, etc, upgrade them and see the city together. One-handedly you create, you will feel very accomplished.

Tips: You should shop usefully, buy what you need first, avoid buying cakes and upgrade everything in the city if possible.

How to play

Games are currently free on phones and computers. The gameplay is also the same. You just need to click on the big cake image on the screen to create a cake. Click on the trolley icon in the corner of the menu if you want to use the cakes earned to buy and sell. What are you waiting for, your city is waiting for you, let's create your city and achieve many achievements.


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