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Corn Hole 3D


About Corn Hole 3D

Corn Hole 3D is a fun game about bags of corn where you need to hit the target to compete with your opponents. Create your own beautiful and limited throws.

The game consists of throwing or throwing a bag full of corn into a field with a large hole like golf. A bag thrown into the hole earns 3 points, but a bag lying on the board only scores 1 point. Play is divided into innings or innings in which each player/team throws four bags, with the players taking turns playing after each throw. This is called cancellation scoring. If playing as a team, points will be calculated according to the total points awarded by each member in each round and will be awarded to the team or player with the higher total score. The winning team/player does not need to win by two or more points. The game continues until a team or player reaches or surpasses a score of 21. And of course, you can adjust your throwing power so you can make the most accurate throws and score the most points.

How to play

You just need to use the mouse to control the force, drag and release the mouse quickly to make the corn bag fly up and hit the hole, and you win.


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