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About DEUL

DEUL is a dangerous shooting game for who want to test shooting skills. You will duel with professional marksmen around the world and whether you will win.

When playing the game, you will be able to test your shooting skills against opponents from many parts of the world such as Russia, France, Italy, etc. Win every battle to level up and discover new methods to win duels. You may also combat in style as your character gains various clothing and accessories as you go through the game. It's time to show you're the finest shooter on the planet! You may test out two distinct game modes in this game. The first is called beat the score, and your goal is to earn as high a score as possible by shooting evil characters. Wait for your opponent to move before firing, otherwise, you'll be penalized. Maintain your focus on your opponent. You can be inventive in how you defeat your opponent. Take a look around! Maybe you can make that pricey chandelier fall on the enemies, or maybe you can disarm them before they can shoot you. You get three points for each bullet struck, two points for disarming, and one point for killing your opponent. The second mode requires you to blast as many bottles as possible before being struck by them. Fame tokens are awarded for each action you take. These are used to get access to customization goods and special bullets. Let's try.

When you finish this adventure, you can participate in other adventures in Space Roll, Tripping Balls, Tallman Run, and OffRoad Forest Racing.

How to play

Click and touch the screen to shoot the opponent as quickly as possible.


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