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Doodle Jump


About Doodle Jump

Play Doodle Jump and you will experience the thrill of jumping high. In the game, you need to control the Doodle jump on platforms and overcome obstacles.

Jump in Doodle Jump and you have entered an endless dance competition. You will play a cute character named Doodle. You have to control it to jump high to collect a lot of rewards. Besides, there will also be many dangers such as UFOs and black holes that will endanger you. Let's play and see how far you can jump.

How to Jump High and Overcome Dangers

To be able to jump very far in Doodle Jump we must know how to use more skills and have some tips. Let's find out together


With the arrow keys on the keyboard, you just need to use them flexibly. Our cute character Doodle Jump will jump up on its own in a straight line when there are no platforms in the way. When there is a platform to block the character's jump, you must quickly move left to right at will to continue up.

Destroy Danger

If you and Doodle face dangers. One way is that you can again avoid going the other way. Otherwise, you can left-click to shoot scary UFOs and black holes. Try to move the right jump on the platforms. If you fall down. You will also lose.


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