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Double Cubes


About Double Cubes

Double Cubes is a tunnel game that you should definitely try. In terms of graphics, colors, and speed, all are excellent. Avoid obstacles and reach the finish line.

In this game you can play alone or with friends. You know, in this game, a person will be a box, moving together, avoiding foreign objects. This is a 3D cube so you can avoid everything you want. Let's hover around, collect items and avoid foreign objects or you will die.

When playing the game you will be in a revolving tunnel. You run as looking for a place to get out. You can't see anything but red obstacles. When playing doubles, of course, they will be each other's opponents, see who dies first, let's see who is the winner and who is the loser.

The colors and sounds in the game will surprise you. It will help you to play the game very attractive, attractive, and addictive.
if it's just one player then it's very easy to control but you should also try 2 players at a time. The screen will shrink in half. We must focus together to avoid obstacles. In doubles, one person dies and both die. So it is very suitable for playing with friends and relatives. More and more, when the level is high, the box runs faster, it is difficult to control, so please control your box appropriately.

Tips: you are boxes so be very careful about obstacles. When playing a 2-player level, you have to help each other to win.


  • Entertaining and high-speed game
  • The colors and pictures are great
  • Quick reflexes

This is a game that will surprise you with graphics as well as colors. Very addictive and you will have an authentic experience as if you were running for real. Try it and invite your friends to play together.

How to play

You use the mouse, go forward, left to right to control the box like that.


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