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Dragon Simulator 3D


About Dragon Simulator 3D

Join a fantasy game in Dragon Simulator 3D. You will be able to choose your own dragon and start controlling them to complete the assigned tasks.

At the beginning of the game, choose the dragon with the trait you want to be. Dragon is a species that has the destructive power of fire, ice, nature, or air. It is a danger to all mankind. So it has a lot of enemies that want to destroy it. More formidable opponents like giant golems, trolls, demons, and other creatures are doing everything to harm your dragon. Play and practice your skills to make your dragon stronger. Gradually, they will have a cave of their own with their herd.

Complete Dragon Quests

The missions that you have to complete in Dragon Simulator 3D are scouting areas to destroy dangerous creatures or attacking a crowded village. Control the dragon to complete the missions and you will get money. The W, A, S, and D keys or arrows will help the dragon move and avoid dangers. If you want the dragon to jump, use the Q key or the spacebar. Button C will cause the dragon to fly down to the ground normally. The left and right mouse buttons are used for ranged attacks and melee attacks. If in danger, use the Shift key to accelerate. The money you earn can be used to buy many items that give you greater speed or power. While developing your skills you will also be upgraded based on experience and technique. If you manage to get to level 4, you can start your own small family with other dragons. Various missions and enemies are waiting for you to destroy, are you ready?


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