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Drift F1


About Drift F1

Drift F1 is a super fun racing game on the F1 track. Urgent turning roads and long bumpy roads are waiting for you to cross and win.

If you like extreme sports, especially racing, then Drift F1 will bring you great experiences. You control the steering wheel, master the race, master your supercars. Owning supercars on the racetrack, handle them carefully. They run very fast, so when you encounter sharp turns and turns that you cannot control, you will fall into the abyss.

On the F1 track, there are countless dangers around you. Your racing car keeps running, running at a very fast speed that cannot be stopped. Encountering unexpected obstacles on the road or sharp turns depends entirely on your driving skills.

You will have to keep the car from falling straight into the abyss, go as far as possible until you reach the finish line, and pass the level. Going to a new level, of course, will be more and more complex, you will encounter many more thorny and bumpy roads. To pass, on the way, you should collect a lot of gold, use it to increase your score on the leaderboard, buy a car or buy materials to upgrade your car. Try to control the racing car expertly, pass the levels, unlock features, upgrade the car for the better and increase your value to be named in the rankings.

Tips: first you try to get used to your hands, when you are familiar with how to control the car, master the speed, master this F1 race track, take a look at the roads that you have to avoid, turn right quickly hand, fall into the cliff, you will lose immediately.

How to play

To control the racing car, you press and hold the left mouse button, and move left or right to make the car turn. You can also use the left and right arrow buttons to control. When you release your hand, the car automatically goes straight. The F1 racetrack has a lot of interesting races for you to experience and pass.


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