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Giant Rush!


About Giant Rush!

Giant Rush! is a fun game about running competitions. Let's control the character to run fast, overcome obstacles, and reach the destination.

In game, you will become the main character. Your mission is to race on a long road to the finish. And yet, on the way to the finish line, you will have to meet countless obstacles, the red and red columns that you enter are the losers. Along the way, if you want to win, you must collect people smaller than you. The more income, the bigger you are, and the more you benefit.

You can also get x gold coins and diamonds, which will also help you to exchange for rewards and items, which will help you in the following levels. Do you think it's simple? actually, it's not. you know how you have to collect people who are smaller than you to make yourself bigger. Because you have to avoid foreign objects, you have to be bigger to make it easier to jump. oh no, that's partly true. The main reason is that at the end of each level, when you have to change the way, you will have to face a guard beast, which carries a huge pestle and will beat you. You have to avoid the blows of that beast. and you have to hit it again until it dies to pass the level. So the bigger you are, the better. Kick that guard really hard, the further you kick the farther you get, and the more diamonds you get.

How to play

Click left to right to move the character and help the character get gold, diamonds, and people who are smaller than themselves. Move to avoid obstacles in the way. Be careful or you will lose. When you want to kick the last keeper, you left click a lot. It will fly far away.


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