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Goblin Run


About Goblin Run

Goblin Run is a 3D game about the arduous journey of the goblin Gnos. Help that goblin bravely overcome challenges, and thorns and not fall into the deep pits.

Challenge with Goblins

In this amusing high-score game, assist the goblin in running as far as possible. Jump over gaps in the ground and over obstacles as you try to sprint as far as you can. When you strike an obstacle, the game is ended. It requires your assistance as it runs through strange and alien-looking jungles. On your trip, jump over platforms, gather gold, and eat some tasty meat. Most essential, don't trip. The tracks are meant to test you at every turn. The platforms are arranged in a certain order to make progress difficult. Your plan will need to be adjusted on a frequent basis. You must restart if you make a mistake. The graphics are indistinguishable from the real thing, the voice actors all fit their respective characters very well, and the soundtrack really will surprise you again and again. Try Goblin Run and add other games like Fire Dragon Adventure, and Dirt Bike Stunts 3D with your friends right away.

Goblin Run Guide

Left-click or slide your finger on the phone and jump anywhere to be able to escape the dangerous thorny abysses. Try to race in the allotted time, you will pass the next level of challenges in other more difficult spaces.


If you want to jump higher then hold down the mouse longer. Besides, trying to observe and calculate to jump at the right time will help reduce the possibility of losing.


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