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About Holeminator

Holeminator is an enjoyable 3D game in which you need to keep the ball safe from the hazards of the road by moving a hole in the road to clean the obstacles.

In this Holeminator ball game, there is a deep black hole, colorful obstacles, and a small ball. Your task is to control the hole first and collect all the obstacles to the ball to the finish line. If you do not clean up, the ball will hit an obstacle, you will lose and play again from the beginning.

Control the Ball

In Holeminator, the way you control the ball is very easy. You just need to use the mouse and move the hole. You have to move really fast to be able to suck all the foreign obstacles. You can make the ball run to the finish line and you will pass the level. But you should be careful, the higher the level, the more obstacles you will have to face and they may even move. Good luck and have a great time.


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