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About iScribble.IO

iScribble.IO is an entertaining drawing game that is equally competitive. Draw, expand your land, eliminate opponents, and become the last one to survive.

For those who are looking for a light game, especially those who have a passion for painting, iScribble.IO is the game to help you relieve stress in a healthy way. In the game, you will be a square color block with a small tail, your task is to create your own land. Draw and create closed circles to mark this as your own land, other opponents will not be able to do anything.

In iScribble.IO, you will have to compete against many other opponents on the same playing field. You draw so that your land is big and you will grow up, no one can do anything to you. To attack another opponent, you need to stab their tail when they have not created a closed circle. But you are also careful, when you have not created your own closed circle, the opponent can also eliminate you. Someone stabs you, you die, you stab someone else, you are alive. Be strong, and be the last survivor in this battle. Great eye-catching colors and sounds and exciting gameplay will surely bring you great entertainment moments.

Tips: in the corner of the game screen there is a map with many colorful lines, which is your land and your opponent. Just create the area, while paying attention to whether the opponent is close to you to complete the circle so as not to die and attack the opponent again.

How to play

When playing on your phone, you just need to use your hands and draw to control your square box character. As for playing on the computer, move the mouse, left or right, or use A/D. Use your creativity, create your own huge land, eliminate other opponents and be the winner who survives to the end.


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