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Jewel Halloween


About Jewel Halloween

Jewel Halloween is a fun puzzle game for the upcoming Halloween season. Become a master at eliminating skulls, pumpkins, candies, etc

This is becoming strange already! Jewel The 300-level Halloween challenges are themed around the occasion. To remove three or more tiles with designs like a pumpkin, candy, skull, or candied apple, combine them. Depending on your level, you are only capable of doing a set number of moves. You'll also be required to do other chores, such as cleaning cakes by matching three motifs on the line that corresponds to them. Gain exclusive tokens as well, such as the gumball machine, which houses a variety of colored candies and functions as a color joker. Other row or column breakers may also benefit from the success of long cluster chains.

In order to create a row of at least three identical things that will shatter and provide you points, you must swap candies, skulls, monsters, and other jewels designed to resemble Halloween-themed stuff. Don't exhaust your moves before finishing your objective or you'll lose. Each stage has a certain number of objects you need to swap and remove.

How to play

To remove them and get points, you must form rows of three or more like gems by clicking on two of them at the same time and swapping one for the other. The more you erase, the more points you get. Rows can be horizontal or vertical in orientation. Each level has an objective that you must complete before the time limit for that level runs out.


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