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Jumping Clones


About Jumping Clones

Join the game of controlling yourself and your clones in Jumping Clones. In the dark tunnel, can you control both to the finish line and avoid the pitfalls?

It's fun to see yourself become a dice, isn't it? In addition, you yourself have a copy and both are locked in a dark dungeon like a maze. What is even more special is that this dark cellar is also divided into two quite similar halves. Part of you. Part of clones. Called a clone, so whatever you do, the clone will follow you. Don't get too excited about it, think of a way to get both of you out. Both parts of the basement will have their own challenges for you to overcome at each level

Escape in Jumping Clones

When you have just opened the interface, press Enter or the Space key to start entering the labyrinth tunnel. You will then see two identical dice. When you press the ASDW key both move the same way. Both sections have different spikes or traps that you need to avoid. Please skillfully control both passes. If just one dice falls on dangerous objects, you will also lose at that level. Only when both of them reach the finish line and you win to unlock the next level.


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