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Keep Zombie Away


About Keep Zombie Away

Keep Zombie Away is an apocalyptic game in abandoned land, you will have to do everything to keep yourself safe during this terrifying time.

On an overcast day, you wake up in a strange place like an abandoned warehouse and see zombies everywhere, the stench of rotting meat strewn all around, what will you do? Sounds horrifying, doesn't it? All you need to do is find a really tight and secure room, find everything to hide, and lie down on the bed. The screen will show different times for you to prepare to hide before the zombie arrives. Don't think it's safe, the door can also be broken at any time if you encounter strong zombies. The best way is to find a room and hide quickly when you find it, you will have more money and of course, you will use it to upgrade the room and buy more tools to avoid and fight the zombies when in danger. . If you are too bored, you can also automatically form a team and destroy the zombies, rest assured that you will not have to fight alone.

How to play

Move the mouse to control the character to safe rooms and protect yourself safely.


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