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Knife Hit


About Knife Hit

Are you a good knife thrower? Play now Knife Hit to see how good your technique is, can you hit the apple spinning on the wooden board with a knife?

In Knife Hit, you will see a circular wooden board with red apples on it. Your task is to pick up the knife and hit the apples. The difficulty is that the wooden board will always rotate and change direction without any rules. You have to observe for yourself and quickly throw the knife when the opportunity arises. One thing you also need to keep in mind, the knives when you throw must not coincide with each other or you will lose. You hit the apple and the wooden board breaks in half, you will unlock to the next level.

The Way to Throw Knife

If you want to throw the knife at the wooden board, wait until you see the apple rotate close to the knife, then click the left mouse button. The knife will launch, if you hit an apple, you will win. If not hit, continue to take another knife and throw. Pay attention to the locations of throwing knives, do not let two knives coincide, or you will lose. Just observe and quickly throw the knife with a click and you will complete the task. Good luck.


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