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About Lightbot

Try your hand at solving programming puzzles with Lightbot. There is a robot that needs to light the lights in some places. Let's make a path for the robot.

Have you ever tried playing a game about programming? Then Lightbot will help you have special moments of puzzles and programming for a robot. In the game, you will have to find and think of a way for the robot on your own without any help. The robot needs to light up the lights of special colored boxes to pass the screen. Your logical thinking will help with this. Try to pass the level as quickly as possible and experience different difficulty levels.

How to Program the Path for The robot

When you just start playing Lightbot you will see a lot of gray tiles and blue ones right? Each small square is a step and you have to calculate the path for the robot to light the lights in the green squares. The commands you need to use a lot are the up, down, left, and right arrows. Each command will have the effect of causing the robot to follow it cell by cell. For example, if you need to go two cells, create two straight-arrow commands. Think and calculate carefully, drag and click on the Main Method panel in order from left to right for the robot to follow. Until you see the robot has reached the green box, then press the ball and Go command to complete the task. Light up all the required boxes and you will return to a new level. Many challenges are waiting for you.


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