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Merge Race 3D


About Merge Race 3D

Merge Race 3D is a running game with special animals. Choose the characteristics of the animals, pass obstacles on the track and reach the finish line.

You are the one who controls your character on the race track. Before joining the race, you will have the right to choose your character. There will be many features for you to choose from. Those like turtles, dolphins, etc. will swim well, eagles can fly, and small ones are for long races.

You will have the right to combine them like giraffe heads, bear arms, crocodile legs, etc. Choose the right skills, the higher your level is. This is the interesting point of the game, you will not be able to know in advance what is waiting for you in the race ahead. You will breed your character randomly. Besides, you also have to race against two formidable opponents on both sides, they can be ready to surpass you and finish at any time.

Each character's characteristics will be suitable for each different race track and will maximize the advantages if you meet the right track, for example, when you have to climb a wall, choosing the monkey's hand will help you pass. Go through those difficult walls faster.

Each level is a different race track, exciting challenges are waiting for you to pass. With a beautiful interface, attractive graphics, and sounds, it will definitely help you relieve stress after stressful and tiring studying hours. Quickly breed animals and overcome challenges.

How to play

When entering the game, there will be a series of drug test tubes labeled with animals, click on the animals you want to breed characteristics, and the syringe will inject immediately and transform after a few seconds. When on the run, you just need to move the mouse left to right and the character will move along to avoid some obstacle.


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