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Mosquito Run 3D


About Mosquito Run 3D

Mosquito Run 3D is a novel running game that you should try. Together run over foreign objects, and increase the number of mosquitoes to win.

In this running game, you will have to transform into a mosquito, flying over lottery tickets. What are those tickets for? It is the tickets that help you increase your teammates. A ticket marked +5 means that your team gets an extra five mosquitoes.

Along the way, you will encounter many more difficulties. It could be like flying right into the mosquito swatting table and getting tickets that will reduce its number of teammates. And there are countless other difficulties waiting for you to participate and experience.

In this race, you have to get as many tickets as possible to increase the mosquito population. That makes you even more gold coins. The main purpose of increasing the mosquito swarm is for the mosquitoes to feed on human blood at the finish line. The more crowded, the faster the blood-sucking will be and the person will not come back to smash your mosquito swarm. You must drain that person's blood to unlock the level and become the winner.

Tips: Look closely around and quickly control the mosquitoes to avoid foreign obstacles.

This is a novel crazy running game just waiting for you to unlock each level. Try it now.

How to play

First, tap the mouse to start play the game move the mouse left to right as you like to let the mosquitoes avoid the obstacles. Just let the mosquitoes fly to the destination and also click the mouse to help the mosquitoes land on the person and suck blood until that person runs out of blood, then you win, through the screen.


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