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Penalty Shooters 2


About Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2 is a soccer game that lets you choose your team. You will be the one taking the free kicks so try to bring victory to your team.

After three games on the group stage, you and your team have advanced to the true finals. Up to this point, every match has been a team final. The media is salivating at the prospect of putting you and your squad on the first page tomorrow. Millions of ardent fans flocked to the field, filling the bleachers and eagerly anticipating the performances of the world's top players. Before proceeding to the final battle, you must defeat your opponents with at least five shots in each encounter. Watch the red target move across the screen when it's your time to shoot. When the target passes in front of the goal, tap or clicks to kick it. Tap and hold or hold the mouse button to kick higher. As it travels from side to side, the target will begin to ascend. If you chose to shoot higher, make sure you release and kick the ball on time, otherwise, you'll send it soaring over the crossbar instead!

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How to play

Click and choose the right time to make beautiful shots.


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