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About Platfoban

Platfoban is a fun 2D puzzle game. In the game, you will have to collect enough gold coins in the challenging labyrinths to pass the level and win.

The renowned "Sokoban" video game, which was first released in 1982, has brought a deeply ingrained interest in the minds of many people. Now you can enjoy the feel of this classic game on your phone or computer with Platfoban. It is an intriguing combination of Sokoban and platform games. The game has two game modes, Platforming and Sokoban. To gather every golden coin that is strewn throughout the levels is your objective. In a dungeon as small and dark as a maze, you will certainly find it very difficult to collect coins quickly. In the platform mode, you can run, jump, and collect coins. Jumping between platforms is the "classic" way to play. Pretty easy isn't it? To increase the difficulty of the challenges, you can also play in "Sokoban" mode, where you have to push and pull crates to reach the coins. You can move crates as well as coins and go anywhere. It wouldn't be worth mentioning if these chests can suddenly awaken and start chasing you. It is fast asleep, you go steal coins and wake it up. It will chase and kill you. It is the bloodthirsty monsters ready to devour you. They are not easy to defeat and it seems that your challenges have just begun.

This game is too easy for you. Riot Escape, Thrilling Snow Motor, Sling Drift, and Football Legends are always here to challenge your skills.

How to play

Use the Q key, shift, and the arrows.


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