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Protect My Dog


About Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog is a fun game about pets. The dog is being stung by bees, do everything you can to protect the dog from the stings for a while.

In the game, your dog is surrounded by a swarm of poisonous bees. They are very numerous and they will sting our lovely dog ​​to death. Protect the dog by drawing a protective ring around it, preventing the bees from flying. Create a perimeter for dogs of all levels with increasingly powerful dangers before the bees start attacking. To achieve this, simply draw lines with your mouse.

Through each level, the number of dogs that you need to protect will increase and the number of bees will also increase, of course drawing this protective circle will be much more complicated. You will encounter more unexpected obstacles rushing into your dog, so before drawing, look carefully. There are 50 levels equivalent to 50 puzzles for you to rescue the dog from bees and other dangers such as sharp rocks, etc. Each level is a unique experience, let's see if you can protect the dog. How long is this cute?

Tips: pay attention around to see if there are other dangers to your dog besides bees. Draw a big and thick circle to best protect the dog.

How to play

If you play on your phone, you just need to use your finger to swipe across the screen to create a circle to protect the dog. When playing on the computer, you will use the mouse to draw. Bees will fly out continuously until the clock on the screen shows the time is up, if your dog is still not stung then you will win.


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