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Rabbids Wild Race


About Rabbids Wild Race

Rabbids Wild Race is a fun running game loved by everyone. Faced with strange and crowded races, try to be the fastest to the finish line.

Ravin Rabbids love to cause chaos and have created a race with other rabbits and see who finishes the track first. There are two to thirty other players who are also competing and all have the same goal of winning to the end. This match is quite dangerous when you run while avoiding the red lasers that will burn you and there are many unexpected difficulties and challenges happening on the track. The odd situations that arise in the race are the interesting part of the game.

You can use tools like exploding your jet pack and gliding past other players. The armor to protect yourself as well as the shield will also help you a lot, but collect coins and stars along the way, you can use them to exchange items to easily pass levels like that. You can walk but there are many dangers appearing on the ground, it will make you die faster. Especially when necessary, you can jump on the opponent's head to preserve your life before the obstacles on the ground. Similarly, the rest of the opponents can trample and eliminate you like that.

How to play

Use your mouse and click to make your rabbit fly, the more you click, the higher the rabbit will fly. Control the rabbit proficiently to avoid all obstacles and reach the finish line and you can complete your race.


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